Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ahhh Rehearsals with The Band!

Here is a peak behind the scenes of one of Rachel's rehearsals. This usually happens after the kids are in bed, and Rachel is tired from a long day of being mommie. Thankfully we have great friends who fill in and pick up the slack to help make these times go well and be comical too. Plus this is usually a great time for me to watch ESPN sportscenter! Good job honey... keep singing!


Rock on Yo!

Our boys had to have a signature photo like mommie does. So thanks to a friend of ours, we put one together for fun. Their band is called "Rock on Yo!" Hey they're (8), (5), & (2). What do you expect?!

Good job little dudes! ROCK ON YO!!!

Rachel Scott at Glad Tidings Church

This past weekend Rachel played at Glad Tidings Church in Omaha, NE, for all three of their services.

We had a great time being there! Everyone was very kind and supportive. Rachel and I were quite suprised at the hospitality given to us by the folks there. Glad Tidings is awesome! If you live in that area, you all should go to that church!

Thank you Rick and Pastor Walt! You two were awesome to work with! We love your congregation! We pray God's richest blessings on you this day, and the days to come! I firmly believe God has great things in store for you!

Thank you again for bringing in Rachel! It was an honor to be there. If you would ever like to have her back, please let us know and we will certainly make room for you on her tour!