Monday, November 24, 2008

Come Back To Love - Rachel Scott

Rachel had a moment in one of her concerts when she played her song "Come Back To Love." She wrote this song for her kids. If you are a parent, hopefully you can relate.

The Least of These Video

This was a video made by a missionary friend of Tent Creative Group. It features a recent mission trip to Africa. How fitting it was to use Rachel's song "The Least of These." Rachel was inspired to write this song when she heard a compelling story from another missionary who had served for a time with Mother Theresa. From his account, he mentioned a time when Mother Theresa was questioned by a stranger who had noticed her kiss the face of a leper. "Why would you do that?" The stranger asked. Her reply was gripping... "Because he is my Lord."

Sunday, November 23, 2008

How Rachel was signed with Tent!

Date: Aug 1st 2008

Memo: Update letter from Rachel

RE: Rachel Scott Music

Dear Friends,

This letter comes to you with much anticipation as Greg and I have experienced some wonderful answers to prayer in regard to our ministry together and, more specifically, in the area of music ministry.

Even before we were married we sensed a calling toward this, combining Greg’s ability to utilize his technical and creative skills while I (Rachel) use my gifts in music. We both have desired to reach the local church and the communities thereof. This desire has come to fruition in many ways for us. Greg has had the privilege to serve in pastoral roles and technical ministries through the course of his professional career. I have continued to lead worship and write/record music. Together, our proudest roles are that of mom and dad to Jayden, Sam and Wes. Our vision for life begins with God first, family next, and then what flows from that – the ministry.

In the past 5 years God has taken us through quite a journey both personally and professionally. However, the vision and hope we have had all along has not wavered. Greg and I self-produced a CD 4 years ago called “Home To Me”. As a result of completing that project, we were equipped to go on a tour of Nebraska, playing around 40 locations in the first year. We have continued to be invited into churches and other venues over the previous 4 years. One year ago we also completed a six track Christmas EP “Rachel Scott – Christmas.” This entire process has been so rewarding in many ways. Perhaps for me the most rewarding aspect is talking with individuals who share with me how a song, the service, or my testimony has encouraged them. That is priceless to me.

People have routinely been asking when I will do another CD. I have been playing many of my new songs when we go out, but have nothing to let them take home. I learned so much through our first experience that I feel so specific about how I would like to approach another project. My desire has been to be able to work with a great producer who can serve as an overseer and creative “guru” to really make the entire CD cohesive and message-filled for a listener. In all reality, I never thought this would be a possibility due to a lack of financial resources and the difficulty of finding the right person.

I recently attended a women’s conference with Julaine Christiansen and God really did some surgery on my heart. I was so incredibly blessed. There were many people praying for and confirming God’s call on my life. Without me realizing, that entire weekend my husband had been dialoguing with a guy named Dave Lubben. Dave is a worship leader with Integrity Music, and has led worship with Louis Palau and at Promise Keepers events for many years. He also is a recording artist with Astonish record label as David Martin ( We actually have one of his Hosanna Integrity-produced worship CDs, named “A Place Called Surrender,” that has always been nostalgic to us. (The CD can be found at My husband had used one of Dave’s songs in a video he did for a youth group and just sent him a copy to say "thanks." Following that email, a surprise came. Dave Lubben invited my husband to call and chat and their conversation led to them talking about music and our music ministry. Dave, currently a producer with Tent Creative Group, said: “Send me some of her stuff." So, my husband sent him songs, pictures and video clips of what we had done from the past four years. From that began a dialogue that neither Greg nor I anticipated. We were blessed and honored to find Mr. Lubben was excited and now more intentional in his pursuit of working with me.

To make a quite long story very short, we now are in the process of recording a new CD with Mr. Lubben as the producer. Through much prayer and counsel, we believe that God gave us the green light to forge ahead and sign with Tent Creative Group, while still remaining an independent artist (I still own my music and life essentially). I would love to sit with each one of you and tell you the ways God came through in this process. He confirmed the things we had set before him in prayer, and now we are walking by faith in this ministry. Really, it’s been about taking each day at a time and just watching this all unfold.

Just to note and give further insight into how God has worked, I feel I need to share one more detail in these events. A week before I had attended the conference and before we had any interaction with Dave, I told the Lord I was willing to completely lay down the music. I truly am content pouring all my focus and energy into my role as a wife and mother. So I just asked God, “If you want this season in my life to be singly focused on my husband and children…I am happy to do that.” Thinking I made this choice to step away, I was amazed to see the turn of events the very next week. God is good and He wants us to give everything back to Him so that He can give His calling back to us…in His time. My dream was really His dream all along.

I am writing this letter first because I’ve just been encouraged to share my heart with you, but also to give you further insight into what the ministry Greg and I share is all about. As mentioned previously, it’s really about people and using the gifts God placed in us to help deepen their walk with the Lord. We have a vision for continuing this ministry through touring in the Midwest as God opens the doors.

Many blessings be yours!!

In Love,

Rachel Scott

“However, as it is written: ‘No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him.’” 1 Corinthians 2:9

Rachel Promo

The following video is a promo for Rachel and her band live in concert. Sorry folks for the shameless plug! Booking contact:


"I Wonder" by Rachel Scott

On September 19, 2008 Rachel Scott was live in concert @ King of Kings Church, Omaha, NE. During her concert, Rachel usually takes a moment to sit down at the piano and play some of her songs solo, just her and a piano. Due to requests from fans, this has really become a norm now. Many have said they love how real and transparent Rachel is when they can hear her perform one of her songs solo as well as hear her story behind the song. It allows them to hear the song in a kind of raw state (how the song sounded when it was first written by her in its early stages). Hope you like it, this song is called "I Wonder."

Thank you everyone for your love and support of Rachel and her music. We are truly humbled. On a side note, I would love to hear from you all. Please feel free to write a comment (remember to speak in love he he...) share a story with us, or email me if you would like Rachel to come to your church! Rachel and her band are fantastic in concert! But then again I am biased... LOL.

Thank you.

Greg Scott
Rachel Scott Music
Welcome friends. This is my first blog for Rachel on her new site. Please feel free to check back as I will try to connect with all of you on a more frequent basis. Thank you. Please remember to check out her music and tour dates etc at the following places. Be blessed. Greg